Dreams are pleasant. Decisions are powerful.

Are you approaching your vision for your life as a goal…or as a lottery ticket? Do you see success as something you design a strategy for and pursue…or something you scratch off with a thumbnail and see what you get?⠀

When people say to me they are “dreaming big,” I ask them to reset. By calling something a dream, you are declaring it to be imaginary…ephemeral…something that dissipates at the ring of a clock or the honk of a horn on the street below your window. Dreams are impermanent and forgettable…and, ultimately, they are fictional, no matter how rooted they may be in deeper truths.⠀

Reset. Because becoming a physician or a school teacher or an astronaut is not a dream. It’s a decision. You literally must decide to do it before you can make it happen. ⠀

Feel the shift when you say you have DECIDED to become a successful writer. You have DECIDED to run a successful company. You have DECIDED to have a fun and rewarding relationship with your child.⠀

When you make a decision, you tend to shift into work mode. What steps must I take? Where can I learn more? Who do I need to meet and engage with and support to move ahead? ⠀

Dreams are pleasant. Decisions are powerful.⠀

Decide. Then learn. Then do. Then begin again at the next, even more amazing level.⠀