Mentors are moms with professional stretchmarks.

I met most of my “babies” at work in entertainment and tech or helping them get in and out of college as teens. ⠀

You are all powerful, visionary, vulnerable, giving, ambitious and beloved.⠀

Some of you I connect with all of the time; others are in and out, as young adult lives often dictate. All of you are on my mind and in my heart so much this week, as I see so many stretching themselves personally and professionally. And I am always a phone call (or Sunday brunch!) away.⠀

You remind me of my own mentors and how they influenced certain experiences or entire stretches of my life. As is unfolding with you, the mentee becomes the “friendtee” becomes the “friend.” It is just as wonderful on this side of the continuum.⠀

So just in case no one has told you this week, today or in the past five minutes:⠀
• You are limitless.⠀
• Someone is thinking of you right now and smiling (ME!! LOVE YOU!!).⠀
• Your destination cannot be disrupted, no matter which fork in the road you choose (or what knives others throw).⠀
• Red wine over white.⠀

Someone on a panel I attended last week said, “If you want someone to be your mentor, just ask them.” I admit that isn’t really me. Our relationships all evolved over time and distance, and that works so well, too. And whether it lasts only a few minutes in a just-in-time conversation, or you get to go to the wedding of the spirited teen you met at 16, or you’re writing a recommendation for your former mentee to begin a position you once held…it’s all breathtaking to be a part of.⠀

So thank you to everyone who gave their time, advice, support and friendship to me on the journey. And to everyone I get to go on the journey with from here: you’ve got this.⠀

And I’ve got you. ⠀