Write and Sell a Screenplay

You want to write and sell a screenplay - and right now, you are surrounded by relatable people and compelling journeys, including your own.  But it's not enough to be able to type up the things you see, feel or know.  You have to write stories, according to the standards and best practices of the film industry.  If you don't believe there are established rules to how scripts are structured and characters are developed, you may never have seen a standard script coverage template from a studio or production company.

DMA was a story analyst/"gatekeeper" at one of the biggest production companies in the world - and soon after rejecting a few dozen scripts, she developed the 1-3-5 Story Structure Made Simple System to guide writers and producers through writing, doctoring or just identifying sellable screenplays. It is the first and only story structure system integrated into Final Draft's industry-leading screenwriting software.

Get the straightforward steps to what you need to do at the "Q&DMA" blog, get step-by-step screenwriting instructions in The 1-3-5 Story Structure Made Simple System book, or work directly with DMA for one-on-one guidance on how to write and sell a screenplay.


The "Q&DMA" Blog

Get insider advice on how to write a screenplay at our Q&DMA Blog.  Recent screenwriting posts include.


    The Book

    DMA's book, The 1-3-5 Story Structure Made Simple System: Nine Essential Elements of a Sellable Screenplay is taught in film schools nationwide, including San Francisco State and Columbia College Hollywood (where DMA is an instructor) and has proven results:

    "Easy to read. Easy to understand… It gave me real tools to use to shape my screenplay and the responses I’m now getting from story analysts prove it works."
    -Art B, Writer

    "One of the clearest explanations of the main tension, midpoint, 3rd act tension concepts ever (including USC film school!)… I smell another rewrite. Damn you…"
    -Tyler O., Student

    "Over the past three years I’ve bought 18 screenwriting books, gone to five seminars and 3 workshops… In one simple, direct book you’ve done what no other has done."
    -George C., 'A no longer confused screenwriter'

    "It turns any idea into a viable script possibility. And it’s applicable to every form of storytelling, from reality, documentary to narrative. Pretty good therapy, too, when applied to your personal life."
    -John K., Director and Producer

    "Love your book. Succinct. Straight-to-the-point. Belongs right next to “Inside Story” by Dara Marks, Blake Snyder’s “Save the Cat”; and Vogler’s “Writer’s Journey."
    -Stephen W. , Writer

    Buy the book now, and finally get your screenplay (re)written.


    The Mentor

    DMA frankly and effectively analyzes scripts, reels and features and provides extensive written coverage, fix recommendations and/or consultations to get your projects on track to a sale.  Consult with DMA now to finally write, fix and/or sell your screenplay.

    1-3-5 Analysis

    • $195.00/treatment - coverage and notes, up to 10 pages (10% Guild/Academy discount)
    • $395.00/reel - coverage and notes, up to 20 minutes (10% Guild/Academy discount)
    • $595.00/script - coverage and notes, up to 150 pages (10% Guild/Academy discount)
    • $995.00/film - coverage and notes, films up to 2 hours in length (10% Guild/Academy discount)


    1-3-5 Intensives

    • $295.00/two hours - step-by-step guidance through the rules of story structure (for scripted and non-fiction), one individual (10% Guild/Academy discount)
    • $595.00/two hours - step-by-step guidance through the rules of story structure (for scripted and non-fiction), groups of up to 10


    1-3-5 Writing Services

    • $20,000 and up - screenplay work-for-hire, script collaboration and script doctoring services, with credited screenwriters


    Planet DMA Professional Development

    • $195.00 - Need quick feedback?  Schedule a 30-minute one-on-one call with DMA to update your resume, strategize career opportunities and more (no discount, no creative notes)

    As a member of the Producers Guild, the TV Academy, SAG-AFTRA and Equity, DMA is proud to offer a discount to all Guild members seeking to pitch a reality show, including: